Options Trading Workshop Transforms
"Small" Accounts Into Big Accounts
Tired of Being Shut Out of Options Trading Because You Don't Have Enough Money?

We hear it all the time: I'd love to sell options to get cash income, but I don't have enough money in my trading account!

Now you can sell options, even if you only have a few thousand dollars to work with. Read on to discover how...

We've created a unique approach to trading options for investors or traders who have small trading accounts, for example $5,000 to $30,000...

...but often find they don't know how to place options trades that don't eat up all their money on just one trade. Or worse, require so much money, you can't even place ANY trade.

We're about to change that by making options trading accessible to any level of investor in our Small Account Trader Workshop.

Our two inaugural workshops show traders how to take small accounts or orphan accounts (usually IRAs) and leverage their capital for aggressive returns without aggressive risk.

Here's How Traders With Small Accounts Pulled Down $6,711 In Cash Income In Just 90 Days

Our Small Account Trader workshops are designed to teach people how to use their money to trade options without needing tens of thousands of dollars and to make those options trades in a live trading workshop.

We are not "buying" options in the hope of scoring a big win. Sure, those are fun. They're also rare.

Instead, we teach unique options strategies that leverage capital to collect cash income.

Our first three workshops collected total cash income of $6,711 at one contract per trade, using total capital of $8,000 to $12,000 across the two workshops. (Total capital means all trades combined, not necessarily at one time)

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October Workshop: $2,239 Income

15 Trades
13 Wins
 2 Losses

87% Win Rate

Net Cash Income: $2,239

Total Capital Used During Workshop: $7,619

Average Weekly Capital Allocated: $1,905

Return on Capital: 29%

Annualized Return: 251%
December Workshop: $2,005 Income

15 Trades
12 Wins
 3 Losses

80% Win Rate

Net Cash Income: $2,005

Total Capital Used During Workshop: $12,720

Average Weekly Capital Allocated: $2,686

Return on Capital: 28%

Annualized Return: 182%
January Workshop: $2,467 Income

15 Trades
13 Wins
 2 Losses

87% Win Rate

Net Cash Income: $2,467

Total Capital Used During Workshop: $10,584

Average Weekly Capital Allocated: $2,116

Return on Capital: 29%

Annualized Return: 251%

* All income, capital and returns are calculated based on trading (1) one contract per trade. Losses are included in any income calculation.

** Annualized Returns are based on a 6-week workshop in October; an 5-week workshop between November and January 2021 (due to holidays). Actual workshop runs 4 weeks but trades may and likely will extend beyond the end date.

*** All trades reflect actual trade recommendations made during a live webinar broadcast.

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Introducing the
Small Account Trader Workshop

Finally! Options trading for people who have smaller trading accounts and who want to get rapid, consistent profits from the smartest options tactics.

The smartest options tactics involve SELLING options, not buying them, even for traders who don't have a lot of money to work with.

Here are the four core reasons against "buying" options:

Options 'buyers' LOSE money 70% to 80% of the time.
Over the long run, LOSERS overwhelm WINNERS.
You must "spend" money to buy an option.
Everything must work in your favor for a trade to succeed.
Now, here are the four core reasons to "sell" options:
Options sellers MAKE money 70% to 95% of the time because you're managing profit you have ALREADY MADE.
You don't "spend" money to sell options. You use your money as "collateral." (We call this cash margin)
You don't have to be 100% "right" about the trade to walk away with cash income.
You can 'rescue' a losing trade (the options buyer can't).
Are You A Small Account Trader?
You have a trading account, or several accounts, with $2,500 to $30,000 in working capital, but need help getting maximum returns on your money.
You hold "orphan" accounts (like IRAs) but have no idea how to grow them faster and get stuck with 'buy and hold' stocks
Large portfolio traders with $250,000 or more who want smarter ways to leverage capital without sacrificing returns

Then the Small Account Trader Workshop is for you.

In this workshop, you will TRADE actual options tactics with guidance from 3 top options experts who teach small account options strategies so you can trade stocks even if the price of the stock is $50 or $500 per share, and generate cash profits of 25% to 75%.

You'll have the potential to DOUBLE your trading account faster than any other 'strategy' while still providing protection for your portfolio.

One of our experts just did exactly that - doubled a $1,600 trading account to over $3,400 in less than six months.

Imagine if you could do that...

The Small Account Trader Workshop
Options Trading for Everyone

Workshop Dates:
Thursday, April 1st
Friday, April 9th
Friday, April 16th
Friday April 23rd

Live Training and Trading Workshop Is Just $199

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Feedback and Results from Small Account Trader Attendees...
"I signed up for the new January's (2021) continuation class - joining up for more of this is a no-brainer for me. I have increased my "orphan" IRA almost 50% since I started with these techniques :) I'm very grateful."  Terry O.
"Love it. Can't wait for the new Workshops in 2021...I made over $5,000 from these sessions. Keep it up."  Bill T.
"Thanks for these sessions, loving them! Like you suggested...I had an orphan IRA that I have been using for these strategies, and it is up 33% since I started your trades." Joe D.
"These are great trading strategies you guys are teaching us. I'm learning a whole new world of selling options for a whole lot less capital...and adding to my account. Thanks." Chris J.
"My account is up since being part of your service. I enjoy the lessons and the stock picks and I get to share this experience with my dad, who's been following Traders Reserve for a number of years.

In the short period that I've been part of the Small Account Trader series, I understand why he told me about your services and wy he loves seeing you in Florida each year. I'm looking forward to SAT Round 3 in the new year." Jeff W.
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Learn Simple Options Trades That Don't Require
Thousands of Dollars To Place

The reality for many people is this: they've probably heard about selling Put options or selling Covered Call options.

And then they discover...

They can't afford it.

That's because traditional or typical approaches to selling options require HUGE capital bases.

It makes no difference whether you want to sell puts or calls for cash income - you still need 100x the price (or strike price) of the stock. In cash (or 100 shares of stock, but you still need 100x).

Want to sell a Put option on Amazon (AMZN)? Good luck.

You only need $309,500 to sell ONE freaking contract.

That's not going to happen, is it?

Or, hey, now that Apple (AAPL) has split 4 for 1, maybe you can sell options on that one!

Well, it's trading at $112 recently, so you only need $11,200 to trade just one contract (or to own 100 shares)...so, maybe?

What if, instead, we could show you how to turn the options market disadvantages into your "small account" advantage.

Here's a quick real-trade example:

Recently, one of our options selling services (for people with BIG accounts), sold TWO separate Put Options on Square (SQ), a great company in the software payments sector.

We sold the 142 and 136 strike puts, which would mean..

142 + 136 * 100 = $27,800 in cash margin you'd need to have in your account to sell those put options.

...or do you...

Slash Trading Capital Needed By 95%

When you become a student of our Small Account Trader Workshop, we'll show you how to SLASH that capital requirement by 95%.

Using a simple options tactic, we can make that SAME trade on Square (SQ)...

...but used just $1,417 in cash margin (capital) and collected $383 in cash income per one contract.

That's a 27% Return on Capital, for a trade tactic that needed 95% LESS capital.

Here's another example on Peloton Interactive (PTON), a truly "hot" stock during the ongoing pandemic (they sell exercise bikes):

Want to sell put options? You'd need roughly $9,700 per contract to sell one contract.

But, using that same tactic - because it is REPEATABLE - means we can make the same trade for just $480, a 95% REDUCTION in the money needed to make this trade.

That's a trade we made which captured $170 in cash income on that $480, a 35% Return on Capital.

Learn Proven Options Tactics That Get You
Higher Returns in Less Time

Look at these three trade results from a live "focus group" trading webinar we held in August 2020, where we provided 3 trade recommendations using the same tactics we'll teach during the Small Account Trader Workshop:

Options Tactic 1: Facebook (FB) paid $150 cash income in 27 days using just $1,180 in capital.

And that tactic can be repeated every month, even though Facebook typically requires $24,500 in capital to sell options (whether puts or calls).

That's $1,800 in potential annual income from the SAME $1,180 in capital, a 152.5% Annual Return.

You don't HAVE to be rich to make money. You have to know HOW to make money and use what you have to make it. Now, that's a tactic you can use every month for cash income. Want to make money faster (with even less risk in your trades)?

Options Tactic 2: Peloton Interactive (PTON) paid $302 cash income in just 12 DAYS, using $710 in capital.

This tactic is repeatable, too, although you may use this tactic just twice per month.

Still, you could have annual income potential of $7,248. And never need to use thousands of dollars in capital to trade this tactic. (You can, but you don't have to.)

Put these first two trade examples together and that's $9,048 in annual cash income potential, using a mere $1,890 in capital. Repeat these tactics for that income and you'd have a whopping 378% Annual Return.

That's more than tripling the value of your money!

Options Tactic 3: SPY (the most liquid options market), paid $371 cash income on $500 trading capital in just 12 days.

That's a 74% return in 12 days. Yes, you're reading that one correctly.

It's also repeatable - you can make that trade about twice per month.

Now you see three tactics that paid $823 cash income on just $2,390 in capital required, a 34% Return on Capital in just 12 to 27 days.

The actual capital required using 'typical' options selling strategies? $54,600 to make the same trades.

All three trades were closed between 12 and 27 days, for a 34% return on capital used.

What you should take from that:

  • Each of these tactics can be repeated, consistently.
  • You're making smarter use of your money to make trades with higher return potential in less time.
  • You're using the same capital each time you use tactics like this, so you're money isn't tied up for months on end waiting and waiting and waiting to secure a profit.
  • All of these tactics can be scaled up, depending upon your actual portfolio value.

So, a $25,000 portfolio could reasonably trade "5" contracts of Options Tactic #3, use just $2,500 in capital and earn income of $1,600 in 10-12 days.

And large portfolio traders can benefit, too, because you'll have tactics that can better leverage your money without sacrificing returns!

The Small Account Trader Workshop

Workshop Dates:
Thursday, April 1st
Friday, April 9th
Friday, April 16th
Friday April 23rd

Live Training and Trading Workshop Is Just $199

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I'm About To Double This "Orphan" IRA
In Just 6 Months
My Real Money $3,500 Account
Grew to Over $6,070 in 5 Months

And we're going to keep on trading this account during the Small Account Trader Workshop so you can SEE how rapidly a small account can grow using the options tactics you'll learn and trade with us during the workshop.

If you're tired of being left behind, or shut out of highly profitable options trading, the Small Account Trader Workshop is the ONLY resource available to you to learn and trade smart tactics that produce higher rates of return in less time.

And that's not all...

We'll arm you with every approach to portfolio and trade management, provide you with the tools and resources to help you transform YOUR small account into a fast growing cash engine that churns out real cash income so you can double or triple your little trading account into a monster portfolio!

In Just One Month, The Small Account Trader Workshop Can Transform Your Small Account Into Your New "Big" Account
Here's the Workshop Schedule:

Workshop Schedule: Small Account Trader Workshop Attendees will meet every Thursday or Friday at 11am Eastern Time, via live webinar during this event. All webinars are recorded for you.

April 1st through April 23rd, 2021, Thursday or Friday at 11am Eastern Time:

Each Week, you'll learn smart, simple options trading tactics and get live trade recommendations during the workshop so you can learn and earn simultaneously.

Trade recommendations are also sent real-time via email and SMS and posted to a private member's website, so even if you miss a live session, you can still make the trades!

Here's Everything You Get With Your Small Account Trader Workshop Ticket
5 Live Training and Trading Workshops so you can learn how to use options to generate significant returns. Live sessions held every Thursday during the workshop.
3-5 Trade Recommendations Each Week During the Workshop so you can put the tactics you learn to immediate and profitable use. Trade recommendations are also sent by email and SMS alert.
Real Money Account Tracking - we'll be trading in a real money $4,000 "Small" portfolio, so you can see how fast your money really can grow using the tactics we'll teach you.
Tools, Calculators and Resources so you can decrease your trading time and get results faster. Every tool, calculator or resource has already been vetted by our expert traders.
Community Office Hours so you can ask questions relevant to YOU and get help from our experts during the live sessions each week.
Private Members Website so you can review all recordings from the training and trading sessions and get access to trade alerts, tools, resources, and more.
Email support so you can get dedicated help when you need directly from our experts. You'll get a special email address to reach our experts.
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Reserve Your Ticket Now!
The Small Account Trader Workshop

Workshop Dates:
Thursday, April 1st
Friday, April 9th
Friday, April 16th
Friday April 23rd

Live Training and Trading Workshop Is Just $199


A Limited Number of Seats Remain Available for This One Time Workshop

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Your Expert Instructors for Investor's Blueprint Live:

Jon Lewis has over 20 years of experience teaching options tactics to traders and has taught investors how to use credit and debit spreads in their portfolios in his Smart Options Income trading service, which holds a long-term track record of 70% successful trades and annual returns of 19.8%.

Dave Durham brings more than 30 years of experience to investors, teaching simple tactics to transform dividend stocks into wealth building portfolios by combining the power of dividends and options. His newest service, Triple Play Income, blends dividend stocks with options selling tactics to produce substantially higher income for more conservative investors.

Chris Davis is a long-time member of Traders Reserve's options selling services. He brings a unique view of trading tactics he has developed from basic trading concepts he's used and traded with us. He has turned multiple small accounts into large accounts using the same tactics he'll teach during the workshop. He even paid for a new car for his wife in just months!


(866) 257-3008




Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST

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